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How to fix a clogged showerhead?

Is your showerhead acting weird and bursting in all directions? Worry not, we have got the best solution to fix the flow of your showerhead. Follow these tips and have a happy bathing experience.


Check the showerhead regulary and wipe off the dirt to maintain its flow.

Clogged showerhead? Here's a quick fix for a nasty hard water issue.

If the water from your showerhead is bursting in all directions or the flow isn’t smooth enough, then the holes in your showerhead are probably clogged with minerals and dirt. We do have a quick fix to solve this issue.

1) If your showerhead is detachable, then take it out and dismantle it. Clean up the solid debris as much as you can with some liquid soap and a sponge. Then, soak the parts in a bowl full of warm vinegar to dissolve the mineral deposits from the holes of the head.


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2) If you are not so comfortable with dismantling the contraption, there’s another solution for you. Tie up a plastic bag around the shower head tightly. Let the shower run till the bag is full which will help push away the dirt inside the head to let the water flow easily.

3) In case these solutions do not work, tiny rubber holes in your showerhead may have worn out because of hot water or too much water. Replace the head with a new one, which you can pick up at any large supermarket or hardware store.

Happy showers!

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