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How to Clean Bathroom with Vinegar | Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Here are a few simple tricks to keep your bathroom clean and healthy using vinegar.


How to Clean Bathroom with Vinegar | Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Remember, the cleanliness of your bathroom reflects your character. Besides, unclean bathrooms are health hazards as they breed harmful bacteria and moulds. Also, your bathroom can smell bad if you don’t keep them clean.

Here’s how you can easily clean your bathroom with vinegar and warm water. Vinegar is easily available, eco-friendly and has mild disinfectant qualities. Just follow these simple tips to keep your bathroom clean and healthy.

Vinegar should not be combined with bleach or soap. While vinegar can help clean surfaces and fixtures in many situations, adding an acid like vinegar to bleach will result in chlorine gas, which is toxic. Similarly, soap is alkaline and vinegar is acidic. In combination, vinegar and soap only make a curdled mess, which is not useful for any cleaning purpose.

1) Stain Remover

 You can remove stains and dirt from bathroom floors, wall tiles, cabinets, and counter tops with a piece of fine polyester fibre cloth soaked in 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar.


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2) Clean Floors

 To clean floor around drains effortlessly, use highly diluted mixture of vinegar and water (1:12).

3) Tap Cleaner

 To remove scum of soap and lime scale on taps, all you have to do is to spray a mixture of 1:4 salt and vinegar on the affected area and dry it with a piece of cloth.

4) Toilet Bowl Cleaner

 To clean the toilet bowl just use some concentrated vinegar as a cleaning agent.

5) Clog Remover

 For removing clogs in showerheads caused by hard water, dip the shower head for a few hours in vinegar and rinse it with fresh water.

For a bathroom that truly reflects your character, switch to vinegar for that ultra clean vibe.

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