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is flushing your toilet leading to overflowing dont worry and try this simple fix
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Is flushing your toilet leading to overflowing? Don’t worry and try this simple fix.

An overflowing toilet is nothing short of a nightmare. Not only is it frustrating to clean up but also gross.

Overflowing occurs either due to blockage or an error in the tank’s float mechanism that regulates the water flow. Follow this step-by-step guide to fix this issue.

Step 1 :

Turn off the water supply to the toilet. You will find it at the bottom of the toilet pot.

Step 2 :

Remove the cover of the tank and lift the float ball high enough so that the water stops running. Ensure that water supply is completely shut.

Step 3 :

Wear rubber gloves and remove excess water from the pot using a bowl.

Step 4 :

Align the plunger over the center of the toilet hole. Start plunging down slowly and then increase the speed. It will dislodge the mass and allow water to escape.

Step 5 :

Reset the float mechanism so that it sits in the tank and prevents the tank from overflowing. Ensure that the chain attached to the float is not tangled.

Contact a plumber if the overflowing is chronic.

Top Tip

Pour the water into the sink if it's clean or a plastic bucket if it is dirty, you don’t want to create further clogging.