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How to Make an Air Freshener So Your Bathroom Smells Great!

Keeping your bathroom smelling great is easy. We tell you how you can make an air freshener that works!


How to Make Air Fresheners for Bathroom Smells - Cleanipedia

You want to make every part of your house smell good. We tell you how you can make an air freshener to add a fresh fragrance to your bathroom. What’s more, it’s easy. Simply follow the steps below. 

Cleaning your bathroom regularly will help kill germs that cause bad smells. Doing so, along with keeping plants such as Persian purple, bellflowers or browallia in your bathroom, will ensure the space smells great always.

1) Use Essential Oils

This is an easy and interesting method. Take a large bowl and add 2 tbsp. of vodka, 2 tbsp. of hand sanitiser or acetone, and 1 cup of water to it. Then add 8-10 drops of your favourite essential oil to the mixture; e.g. you could try peppermint to add a fresh fragrance. Stir well and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. That’s it! Spray this mixture in your bathroom whenever needed and try combinations of different essential oils to get a new fragrance every time. 


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2) Use Lemon, Rosemary and Vanilla

This method requires just a few easily available ingredients: one medium-sized lemon, a few sprigs of rosemary and some vanilla essence. Take a bowl and fill ⅔ of it with water. Slice the entire lemon and drop the slices into the bowl. Then add 2-3 sprigs of rosemary along with ½ a tbsp. of vanilla essence. Place this bowl in the corner of your bathroom countertop. The fragrance will last you 3-4 days.

3) Use Coffee Beans

This method is simple as it only involves getting your hands on some coffee beans. Take a bowl, add a handful of coffee beans to it and place it on a shelf or in the corner of your bathroom. The aroma will perfume your bathroom. 

There you go! Try these methods to keep your bathroom smelling fragrant.

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