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Hard Water Stains on Your Bathroom Taps Giving You a Hard Time? Try this Easy Fix!

Don’t worry if your tap is covered with stubborn hard water stains. Use this simple method to restore its shine.


How to Remove Hard Water Stains from your Bathroom Taps | Cleanipedia

We all want to keep our bathrooms stain-free and our faucets shining. However, hard water can make this task difficult, as it leaves stubborn stains around the taps in your home. When hard water evaporates, what is left behind is a white, chalky, hard substance that builds up around your taps and makes them look unsightly. This build-up can also reduce the water flow.

Keep calm, we have a solution for you. Here's a simple step-by-step guide to remove those hard water stains from your tap like a pro.

Step 1: Use Vinegar or Lemon

Start by applying some undiluted vinegar around your bathroom taps. You can even pour the vinegar into a spray bottle and spray for easy application. Alternatively, you can use ½ a cup of lemon juice instead. Take an old cloth and scrub the vinegar or lemon juice on your taps. Make sure the entire stained area has been covered and scrubbed.

Step 2: Let it Rest

Let the vinegar or lemon juice sit on the stains for 15-30 minutes, depending on the stubbornness of the stains. If the stains are really bad, you can keep the solution for up to an hour.


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Step 3: Scrub the Stains

Now, use an old but clean toothbrush to thoroughly scrub the area again. Don’t use a brush that’s too abrasive, as it can damage the surface of your bathroom taps.

Step 4: Clean Your Taps

Once the stains have disappeared, take a clean rag and wipe the area to remove excess water.

There you have it! Hard water stains are easy to remove. Simply clean them as soon as they appear and keep your taps sparkling.

Key Step:

A mixture of vinegar and lime juice is more acidic and can be used for cleaning really stubborn deposits. 

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