Easy Ways to Remove Pet Hair from Clothes

While carrying your pet from the sofa to the kitchen, from the garden and back inside, their hair finds its way into your clothes. They also shed hair on a regular basis.


Easy Ways to Remove Pet Hair from Clothes

You can get rid of pet hair from your clothes without much hassle. Just read on and find out how.

You can rub an inflated balloon on your clothes. The static charge on the balloon’s surface will attract the hair.

1) Use a lint roller

It’s available in all the pet stores. A good quality roller can get the job done effectively.

2) Use rubber gloves

Wet rubber gloves and shake off excess water. Wipe away the pet hair in a downward patting motion. As the hair begins to ball up, dip the gloves in a bowl filled with water and get rid of the hair.

3) Wash with vinegar

Add ½ a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle in the washing machine. It reduces the static charge in fabrics and prevents pet hair and other lint from sticking to the clothes.

Wishing you lots of doggy cuddles and licks.

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