For a day in or a day out, denim is a staple that forms an integral part of most of the outfits you wear. Whether you’ve newly bought a pair of denims or already have a couple of best-fitting ones, here are a few hacks you can use in order to increase their lifespan.

  • Avoid Frequent Washes

Avoid washing your denims often. It’ll cause the colour to fade and also impact the thread quality due to which it may end up in a distorted shape.

  • Turn Them Inside Out

While washing your denims, turn them inside out and wash it in cold water. This helps in keeping the colour of your denims intact.

  • Use a Mild Detergent or Try an Alternative

If you’re washing your denims, use a mild detergent as opposed to your regular one. You can also use alternatives such as vinegar or rubbing alcohol. Add 2-tbsp. vinegar or rubbing alcohol with 1-tsp. salt to a bowl and mix it well. Now, add this solution directly to the wash cycle while washing your denims. This’ll help preserve the colour of your denims and keep them smelling fresh.

  • Try Freezing Them

Keep your denims in the freezer overnight. This’ll help you get rid of any odour-causing bacteria.

  • Try Air Drying

Avoid drying your denims in the dryer as the heat can damage the fibres and shrink them. It can also cause the colour to fade. Instead, try air-drying them. This will be your best bet if you want to increase the life of your denims.

The above hacks are going to be extremely useful in preserving your denims and making them last longer!