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Breast milk and formula stains on your baby’s clothes? Read to know how to clean them

Every parent knows how tough it becomes to wash away the stains caused by breast milk and formula.


Remove milk & formula stains from baby clothes

It becomes really crazy with an infant and tackling formula stains as soon as possible is not always a top priority. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Read our step by step procedure to remove breast milk and formula stains from your baby’s clothes.

Clothes should be treated in cold water always.

Step 1:

Use a spoon to scoop up as much liquid/solids as possible. Finish by blotting with paper towels to absorb as much liquid as possible.


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Step 2:

Dip a clean white cloth or sponge in cool water and blot the stained area from the outside. Don’t oversaturate the fabric.

Step 3:

Prepare a solution of Rin Ala bleach and cool water. Clean the stained area with the solution and let it sit on the stain for at least 30 minutes.

Step 4:

For the final move, rinse the garment with warm water and keep it to dry.

It may take several soakings to remove the stains but they should come out. Be patient!

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