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Clothing care

Check out these simple methods to avoid the growth of fungus in your wardrobe

Save your expensive clothes and cosmetics from being affected by mould and fungus inside your wardrobe. 

Maybe you've cleared the fungus, but sometimes the mildew reappears. Moist air could be one of the reasons your clothes are mouldy. With the help of these useful hacks, save your wardrobe from being ruined by fungus and moulds.

  • Maintain proper ventilation. Keep your windows open, let fresh air and sunlight into your room to prevent the onset of fungus inside your wardrobe.
  • Cover the cabinets with wood. Placing wood on the wardrobe pedestal will prevent humid air from entering the wardrobe.
  • Apply rubbing alcohol. Using a clean cloth, apply rubbing alcohol, especially over the fungal areas.  Place lime bars at the corners for double protection.
  • Install fluorescent lights. Humid atmosphere in rooms can occur due to lack of sufficient lighting. You can use fluorescent lights to drive out the mould growing on the walls of your wardrobe. 

Top Tip

Timber can prevent mould from growing back in your wardrobe.