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did your mum pass down a lot of amazing sarees follow these simple steps to preserve and store them
Clothing care

Did your mum pass down a lot of amazing sarees? Follow these simple steps to preserve and store them!

Sarees need to be taken care of the right way to make sure they last longer. 

A little care while ironing, folding and storing them can make all the difference. These hacks will help you maintain and preserve all the amazing sarees your mum has passed down to you.

Cotton sarees

  • Ensure your cotton sarees are crisply ironed, cooled and kept in a plastic zipper bag or wrapped in a clean dupatta. Tie a tight knot.
  • Don’t keep dark cotton sarees with the lighter ones. Due to residue moisture, the colour imprint might get affected.
  • Starch your sarees appropriately. Excess starch may adversely affect the fabric of the sarees.

Silk sarees

  • Do not store silk sarees with sarees made out of other fabrics.
  • Store them away from direct sunlight in a cool and dehumidified place.
  • Remove any plastic cover that may lead to zari or fabric discolouration.
  • Wrap heavier sarees in old dupattas or a clean fabric.

Top Tip

Once in six months, keep your sarees out in sunlight for a while; this will help maintain their shine. Bring the sarees back to room temperature before storing them.