Did your white meeting socks get some extra colour after washing? Here’s a simple method to restore its whiteness and brightness!

Socks need to be washed carefully, a little attention can make a huge difference. Follow these steps to maintain the white colour of your socks.



Assorting socks according to the colour and stains can help you clean them efficiently and reduces the chances of errors.

Use a bathtub instead of the sink if you have a big load of socks.

Step 1:

Sort them out. Divide them into 2 lots - whites and non-whites. Wash them in clean water.

Step 2:

Use cleaning detergent. Pour 2 cups of Surf Excel into a bucket filled with water, stir and put the socks in it. Wash them with your hands.

Step 3:

Fill the sink with cold, soapy water. Plug the drain and start filling it with cold water. Pour 2-3 drops of Vim dishwash gel, stir it till you see a foam build-up. Turn the socks inside out and soak them in the solution to loosen the dirt. Scrub them gently to remove the stains. Soak for 5 more minutes.

Step 4:

Rinse them out. Pull out the drain and turn the faucet back on. Scrub the socks gently and rinse out all the soap. Wring them gently and let them dry.

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