Disprin relieves your headaches. But did you know that it can get rid of another type of pain as well? We are talking about the headache of removing stains from your precious white clothes! Yes, it’s possible! The reason for this is that Disprin contains aspirin, which contains acetylsalicylic acid and can help remove stains from white clothes and restore their brightness.

Now, don’t let the names worry you. The only thing you need is a Disprin, which is easily available at any chemist. What’s more, this method is safer than using bleach as it doesn’t damage the fabric in any way.

Just read our easy and effective step-by-step guide and stop worrying about maintaining your whites.

Step 1:

Heat (not boil) 10 litres of water and pour it in a bucket.

Step 2:

Now, take five Disprin tablets and dissolve them in the hot water.

Step 3:

Put your white clothes in the bucket containing this solution and let them soak overnight. The Disprin tablets will work their magic.

Step 4:

Remove the clothes from the bucket, and after wringing excess water from them, load your whites into your washing machine along with a few more Disprin tablets. Then run your wash cycle as you normally would.

You will see the whiteness increase dramatically!