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Clothing care

Do your cotton clothes seem faded every time you wash them? Check out these quick tips to preserve their colour!

In a tropical and humid country like India, cotton fabrics are our go-to, comfy garments.

Cotton clothes may not need a lot of care but a few smart tips can go a long way in retaining their colour. 

1) Don’t wash them in hot water. Cold water is the right option. 

2) If you’re washing by hand, add 2 cups of Surf Excel inside a bucket of water, twirl the clothes around in it. Let the clothes soak for 5-10 minutes, twirl again. Make sure you wring them gently. 

3) Sort your cotton clothes by colour. If you wash dark cottons with lighter ones, you’ll end up with a pile of discoloured clothes. 

4) Add a cup of vinegar in the washing machine during the rinse cycle. It prevents fading and preserves the brightness of your cottons. 

5) Flat dry your cotton clothes in the shade. Direct sunlight is not good.

Top Tip

Wash in the gentlest cycle if you are using a washing machine.