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Clothing Care

Does your sweat stain easily on your cotton clothes? Here’s some help with that sticky situation!

The sweat stains that we find on our cotton clothes is due to the acidic nature of sweat, which can affect the dyes in our clothes.

Are you tired of trying several detergents to get rid of the sweat marks from your cotton clothes? Worry not! Herein, we bring you an effective method to address this concern.

Step 1:

Hang dry. First thing first, take your sweaty wears out to dry. If you can’t wash it, then hang it up.

Step 2:

Prep. pull out the stains and rub some baking soda and add few drops of vinegar. Cover the stains and keep it for 30 minutes.

Step 3:

Wash with care. While washing, turn the fabric inside out and put it for a wash with a strong detergent and 2 cups of vinegar.

Step 4:

Drying. Skip the dryer and hang your clothes to air dry.

Top Tip

Don’t use fabric softener to clear the sweat stains.