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Clothing care

Don't know how to iron a wedding outfit filled with embroidery on it? Read on to know how.

You preserve your heavily embroidered outfits for big days, such as a wedding or a party. For some good reason, you may have forgotten to get it ironed.

Let this small hiccup not make you lose out on creating memories with your favourite outfit. Follow our quick guide to make your wedding outfit crisper.

Step 1:

Steam. Using a hanger, place your outfit in your bathroom while taking a hot shower. The steam in the shower will help get rid of a lot of creases on the outfit.

Step 2:

Dry. After the dress has dried for several hours, take it out and place it over an ironing board. Slightly wrinkled silk and satin dress may only need steaming and not ironing.

Step 3:

Ironing. Spread a clean sheet over the dress to protect it from hot press. It is best to use a clean press cloth of white cotton sheet.

Step 4:

Temperature. Press the dress from the inside. Start at a low temperature and increase it gradually. If it starts to stick, reduce the heat immediately. Silk and satin burn very easily.

Step 5:

Final touch. Loosely fold it and store it somewhere clean till the next big occasion.


Now you can take it out and admire it whenever you want.

Top Tip

Be mindful of the sequins or beads before you press into it.