Easy Tips to Help You Launder Different Types of Fabric

Different fabric types need different laundering approaches. Here are some useful tips to help you win the laundry game.


Easy Tips to Help You Launder Different Types of Fabric

Your wardrobe holds different types of clothes made from different fabric. After all, it’s fun to mix and match outfits! However, did you know that different fabrics need different washing techniques? In fact, if you wash your garments the right way, they will last longer. It’s simple to do, and we’re here to help!

The next time you go about washing your clothes, just try these easy tips.

1) Washing Cotton Clothes

Use Cold Water

To wash your cotton pants, we suggest using cold water to keep the colours intact and protect the fabric.

Use Liquid Detergent

To remove stains from white cotton clothes, apply a liquid detergent directly on to the stain and then machine-wash your clothes on your regular wash cycle.

Use Non-Chlorine Bleach

To wash coloured cotton clothes, use a non-chlorine bleach solution.

2) Washing Polyester Clothes

Check the Label

Check the label of your polyester clothes to know if they can be washed at home or need dry cleaning.

Use Warm Water

If they can be washed at home, wash in the washing machine in warm water. You can use an all-purpose detergent.

Use Stain Remover

To remove stains from your polyester clothes, apply a stain remover directly onto the stain. Choose a product that’s compatible with polyester and test it on a small inconspicuous area first. Let the remover rest on the stain for 10-15 minutes, then wash with warm water.

3) Washing Woollen Clothes

Check the Label

Check the label of your woollen clothes to see if they can be hand-washed or need dry cleaning.

Use Lukewarm Water

If your woollen garment is washable, always use lukewarm water for rinsing. Using cold water can cause shrinkage.

Avoid Frequent Washes

Remember that washing your woollen clothes frequently can damage the fabric.

Wash Separately

To prevent colours from transferring, always wash dark-coloured clothes separately.

4) Washing Silk Clothes

Check the Label

Check the label to know if your silk garment can be washed at home or needs dry cleaning.

Use Baby Shampoo and Lukewarm Water

If you can hand-wash it, make a solution of 1 cup of baby shampoo and 1 bucket of lukewarm water. Gently wash your garment in this solution for 2-4 minutes and rinse well. We suggest using baby shampoo as it’s mild.

Amp up your laundry game with these pro tips!

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