Clothing Care

Foods That Don’t Leave a Stain on Your Baby’s Clothes

Worried about your kids staining their clothes while eating? Here are some baby foods options that don’t leave a stain on your their clothes.

Babies are very smart! If you are feeding them anything besides milk they get to know. But then they get excited and what follows afterwards is spillage and stained baby clothes. Thankfully, there are some baby foods that don’t like to leave a stain story behind -

  1. And if you spill the yolk, clean it with a wet wipe and voila, good as new.

  2. Similarly, you can opt for mashed apples and pears as well.

  3. But if stains worry you, then keep a safe distance from carrots, beetroots, pumpkins etc.

  4. If it spills, you can easily clean it with a wet wipe.

  5. Rice congee - this is a good choice as well as it dries up after a spillage but won’t leave a stain.

So go ahead and give your baby these foods that are not just nutritious and yummy but also don’t stain your baby’s clothes.

Top Tip

In case of food spill, try to gently scrape excess food off your baby’s clothes in an upward motion. You may find using a spoon works best for this.