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Uses of Hot Water in Washing Clothes | Pros of Hot Water

A hot water rinse soothes your clothes just like it soothes you. Find out the benefits of hot water in cleaning clothes.


Pros of Washing Clothes in Hot Water | Cleanipedia

What do you desire after a long, tiring day? A hot water bath! And what do you suppose your clothes desire? A hot water rinse! You know why, because hot water soothes your clothes just like it soothes you. Would you like to know how? Read on-

Hot water can shrink, fade or damage some fabrics. So, check any product’s label to ensure it’s right for your fabric before washing.

1) Tip 1

Kills germs - Hot water is the best way to clean any dirty laundry. Sweaty jackets, lived in denims, baby clothes or even laundry of someone who’s sick, should be washed in very hot water to keep them germ free.


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2) Tip 2

Keeps it fresh - If you want clean workout clothes every day, then run them in hot water and they’ll end up smelling fresh the next day.

3) Tip 3

Defeats stains - In case you have a juice or a chocolate stain on your shirt, then all you have to do is soak it in hot water for a while. The sugar will dissolve, and the stain will loosen, once that happens apply some soap, scrub it and the stain will come off easily.

4) Tip 4

Beats tough stains - If there are berry stains on your dress, then lay it on the bathroom floor and pour hot water right at it from a distance and slowly the stain will disappear.

So with these tips de-stress and soothe your clothes with the warmth of hot water.

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