How to pack a suit to keep it new, fresh and odour-free? Here’s how!

Everyone wants to have a crisp, fresh-smelling suit as it reflects your style. This is particularly important whilst attending meetings or weddings.


Did the crow spoil your perfectly sleek and shiny leather jacket? Here are a few methods you can try to get rid of stains from your leather apparels

In case you aren’t aware of how to store and maintain your suit, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Follow these tips for a fresh, odour-free suit.

Don't directly spray any perfume or deodrant on the fabric before hanging or folding it.     It could leave stains on your suit.

1) Dry.

After you’ve worn your suit for the whole day, hang it on a hanger and place it near the window overnight. This will eliminate the moisture and help destroy the odour.

2) Dryer sheets.

Add a fabric dryer sheet (readily available online) between the folds of your suit. It adds a fresh scent to it. Alternatively, you can spray some perfume over a tissue paper and use it instead of dryer sheets.

3) Moisture absorbent.

Put tea bags or whole coffee beans in the pockets of your suit. It can absorb moisture and also add a nice fragrance to it.

4) Storage.

Fold it appropriately in order to ensure that it doesn’t wrinkle or get crushed. Check an online tutorial, if required.

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