Try These Amazing Tips to Reduce the Ageing of Your Silk Sarees!

Don’t let your elegant silk sarees die young. Follow these effective tips to save them from ageing.


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A silk saree instantly enhances the beauty of a woman. The impact that it creates is unmatched. If you store and maintain your silk sarees properly, you can flaunt them for years to come and can further pass them down to your future generation easily.

Here are some useful tips to maintain their shine and preserve their grace.

To extend the life of your silk saree, every 2-3 months, leave it out to air in the shade for around 10 minutes.

1) Store It Right

Your silk saree needs to breathe, hence, storing it in plastic isn’t recommended.

It should be kept in a cotton saree cover or wrapped in a smooth cotton cloth. Light and dust are two enemies for your silk saree, so make sure that you protect it properly.

2) Air Dry It

Just like any other fabric, taking your saree outside for a dose of fresh air is always good for its life extension. Every 2-3 months, leave your silk saree out to breathe in the shade for around 10 minutes. However, don't expose it to the direct sunlight for too long.

3) Use Hangers

It's always better to use hangers for your silk saree as it leaves your saree wrinkle-free. Don’t use metal hangers as they react with the silk and lead to unpleasant rust stains. Hang your silk saree on a wooden hanger instead.

4) Use Repellents

In order to keep the moths and silverfish away, use naphthalene balls. However, don't let naphthalene get in direct contact with your saree as they tend to discolour any zari work. An even better option is to use natural ingredients like camphor, dried chillies or dried neem leaves as they have anti-pest and antifungal properties.

5) Wash Using a Mild Detergent

While washing your sarees, always consider using a mild detergent rather than a regular one. It’ll do the job effectively and will also protect the fabric of your saree from getting damaged.

Try these tips and you’ll no longer have to worry about your favourite silk saree getting ruined!

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