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How To Store Your Sarees To Reduce Their Ageing?

Now it is easy to make your saree last longer than before. Read these simple saree storing and maintaining tips to save your saree from ageing.

You spend so much of money on buying the best saree design from the market. But if you don’t keep it properly, the next time you think of wearing it, it’s nothing more than a ruined piece of cloth. Hence, it is very important to prevent your sarees from ageing and we are going to tell you, how to do that!

  1. Storing the sarees- Sarees should be kept in a cotton saree cover or should be wrapped in a smooth cotton cloth. The two enemies of fabrics are light and dust, so make sure that you have them properly protected. Sarees needs to breathe, so storing them in plastic is not recommended.

  2. Air the sarees- Just like any fine fabric, taking your sarees outside for a dose of fresh air is always good for life extension. Just leave them out for a few minutes every month or so, not letting them sit in direct sun for too long. If you have a shady place to do this, leaving them out to air for a couple hours is great.

  3. Use of hangers- It is always better to use hangers for your silk sarees as it leaves your saree wrinkle free. Avoid using metal hangers as it may react with the silk and cause rust stains. Hang the sarees in plastic hangers.

  4. Use repellents - In order to keep moths and silverfish away use naphthalene balls but don’t keep them in direct contact with your saree as they tend to discolour any Zari work.

An even better option is to use natural ingredients like camphor, dried chillies or dried Neem leaves as they have anti-pest and antifungal properties.

Just keep in mind what you have learned today and you will no longer have to worry about your favourite sarees. Happy long life to your gorgeous sarees!

Top Tip

Leave your sarees out to air in shade for few minutes every 2 to 3 months to extend their lives.