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How To Store Your Silk Sarees To Make Them Last Longer
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How To Store Your Silk Sarees To Make Them Last Longer

Silk sarees have a special place in your wardrobes and in your hearts. These tips will make your silk sarees last longer than before.

There are few items in an Indian closet, as gorgeous as a silk saree. When you spend a good amount of money to buy a saree of your choice, you obviously want it to last long. The question now is- How? Don’t stress about that!

Here are some simple tips that can help you prolong the life of your silk sarees!

1) Hand wash

For the first three washes of your saree, avoid using detergents and harsh soaps. Instead, just hand wash the saree with cold water and use a mild liquid soap if required.

2) Do not machine wash

Avoid washing the saree in the washing machine as the drum might damage the threads and take away its shine. Do not tumble dry at all as it may leave the saree with permanent wrinkles.

3) Expose to sunlight

To get rid of smell and moisture, keep the saree in sunlight for some time but do not leave it for too long as the sun rays can also damage the silk.

4) Change folds

Silk is very delicate hence it should be properly taken care of! If the saree is kept unused for too long, it should be opened and then folded again. Change the folds, in order to avoid permanent creasing.

Just follow these tips and you will no longer have to worry about your Kanjeevaram, Mysore or Maheshwari silk sarees losing their sheen.

Top Tip

Do not tumble dry your saree as it may leave it with permanent wrinkles.