Is the post monsoon heat making you sweat profusely and ruining your clothes in the process? Check out these simple hacks to get rid of sweat stains

Got a bad sweat stain on the underarms of your light-coloured clothing? You probably have something in your kitchen that will help get rid of the stain immediately.


Is fungus growth compromising the health of your bathroom door? Here’s how you can get rid of them!

If you aren’t careful, sweat stains could really damage your garments. The best way to beat the sweat stains is to avoid them. Check out it out here.

For silk, rayon, wool - consider dry cleaning.

1) Undershirt

Wearing a cheap undershirt will resolve all your issues regarding sweat stains but sweat.

2) Antiperspirant

It can prevent bacteria-prone sweat from staining your shirts. Apply antiperspirant before bedtime and let it dry completely before getting dressed

3) Wash shirts ASAP

For whites- apply a solution of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water on the stain. Keep it for 30 minutes before wash.

For coloured- rub some vinegar directly into stain before washing

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