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Is your child’s star jersey losing its colour? Here’s what you can do to fix it!

A jersey holds a great sentimental value for every sports enthusiast; it conveys a sense of belonging to the sport. Jerseys are made from delicate fabric and undergo significant wear and tear during play, and also in the washing machine. Here is an effective process to ensure your child’s jersey doesn’t lose its shine.


How to Wash your Child's Sports Jersey | Cleanipedia

Step 1:

Soak the jersey in cold water. Add ½ spoon of baking soda and Surf Excel Liquid detergent to the water and let the two components dissolve. Allow the jersey to remain in the water for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Jersey is made from a delicate fabric. Exert care while washing them.

Step 2:

Refill the bucket with cold water and add a scoop of oxygen bleach powder.

Step 3:

Soak the jersey for up to 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Hang it up to air dry.

The jersey is fresh and clean again for your young one’s big game.


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