Your hoodies, cardigans and pullovers are the most comfortable garments to wear and are also some of the most low-maintenance apparels you can own. However, for them to stay soft and snug,requires a little care. We bring you a few tips to keep your pullovers, cardigans and hoodies comfortable.

1) Do Not Wash after Every Use

Frequent washing can damage your hoodie. So, wear them several times before putting them to wash. Since you wear a shirt or some other garment underneath your hoodies, cardigans or pullovers, it won't require regular washing like other garments that come in contact with your skin.

2) Wash in Cold Water

When washing your hoodies, cardigans or pullovers, ensure you do so in cold water. You can wash these garments in your washing machine using a mild detergent. Delicate garments made from silk, wool and cotton require extra care and using a mild detergent can work wonders. We recommend Love and Care, which is available in the market. Run the wash on a gentle cycle.


3) Avoid Washing with Other Clothes

Has your lifestyle during the Covid-19 lockdown affected the type of stains you get on your clothes?

Avoid washing your hoodies, cardigans or pullovers with other clothes. The friction between these garments and the other clothes in your washer could damage them.

4) Turn Them Inside-out

Turn your hoodies, cardigans or pullovers inside-out before washing, especially if it has a screen print or appliqué on the front. Make sure you zip up your hoodies before you put them in the washer.

5) Air-Dry

It’s best to air-dry your hoodies, cardigans or pullovers instead of putting them in the dryer to avoid shrinking.

There you go! Follow these simple tips to keep your most comfortable garments, soft and snug!