Love Your Shoes? Make Them Last Longer With These Tips!

Are you having trouble keeping your shoes in shape? Keep these tips handy to ensure your favourite pair of shoes last longer.


Keeping your shoes in shape

In the modern world, your footwear is one of the first things people notice! Thus, investing in a good pair of shoes that reflect your personality is prudent. However, to get the best return on your investment, you must do everything you can to make them last longer. Try these tricks to keep your shoes from wearing out soon.

Rain will cause leather to shrink. If your leather shoes do get wet in the rain, stuffing them with old newspaper will soak up the wetness allowing them to retain their original shape.

1) Avoid Washing

Avoid washing your non-leather shoes frequently as this can damage the soles as well as the glue that keeps it together. Instead of washing, use a brush or a cleaning agent.

2) Shape Matters

Fill your shoes with crumpled newspaper when you’re not wearing them. This will help maintain their shape and keep your shoes looking brand new.

3) Dry Feet Only

Always towel-dry your feet before wearing shoes. Damp or moist feet can cause your shoes to become musty.

4) Say No to Plastic

Much like our skin, shoes require adequate airflow. It’s not advisable to keep your shoes inside a plastic bag. If you don’t wear them regularly, you can wrap them in butter paper and store in a shoebox. This will protect your shoes from dust and grime.

There you have it. Making your shoes last longer is very easy. Now that you know how to keep your shoes lasting for a long time, you can pick the ideal pair to wear with different outfits and look as chic as ever!

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