These Tips Will Keep Your Towels Soft Even After Multiple Washes

Are your towels losing their softness after washing? Follow these super-useful tips to retain the softness of your towels after every wash.


are your towels losing their softness after washing follow these few hacks to get soft towels after every wash

With every wash, your towels lose their softness. Soon, they may begin to feel as rough as sandpaper against your skin. You may feel like you have no option but to buy new ones. But wait, you don’t have to throw them away! Did you know you can enhance the longevity of your towels and retain their softness? Read on to learn how.

Hard water and heavy loads in the machine can take their toll on the fabric of your towels. This can result in your towels feeling stiff and rigid. The problem gets worse with every wash. Soon, you might feel your towels have been rendered useless. But there’s a way to enhance the life of your towels and keep them soft, even after multiple washes.

Use the following simple, yet effective tips to keep your towels soft.

1) Use a Fabric Softener

After each wash, use a fabric softner. This helps keep your towels soft and fresh.

2) Use Warm Water

Wash towels in warm water. It helps absorb the detergent at a higher temperature and in turn, makes your towels softer.

3) Use Vinegar

Add a cup of vinegar to the washing drum before putting in the towels. Continue to run the wash, rinse and spin cycle like you normally do.

4) Use Baking Soda

After the towels have been washed, add a cup of baking soda to the load the same way you added vinegar. Rinse and spin as you usually do, this time with hot water or in sanitise mode.

5) Air Dry Them

Your towels need to breathe. Always air-dry your towels in a well-ventilated area.

Use these tips to keep your towels soft for longer. Wash them regularly to maintain optimum hygiene.

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