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Want Your Cotton Shirts to Last Longer? Try These Super-Easy Tips!

Are your cotton shirts the most worn outfits in your wardrobe? Use these effective and super-easy tips to make them last longer.


How to Make Your Cotton Shirts Last Longer | Cleanipedia

Cotton shirts are so comfortable that you wouldn’t mind wearing them often. With regular wear and no care, your cotton shirts will start looking dull and lifeless.

To keep that from happening, try out these simple and beneficial tips.

Turn your cotton shirts inside out when you put them to wash and place them in a mesh bag. It’ll prevent wear and tear, and avoid their colour from fading.

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1) Button and Zip Up

Before washing, button and zip up your garments. This way, they become less likely to snag other garments or even snap themselves.


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2) Use a Mesh Bag

For washing your delicate cotton shirts, use a mesh bag. This is the best way to prevent them from getting damaged, especially if you’re washing your garments made of different fabrics together.

3) Use a Fabric Softener

To keep your cotton shirts fresh, use a fabric softener. Add 2-drops of it into the drum during the rinse cycle. Fabric softeners will keep your cotton shirts soft and fresh.

4) Don’t Overload the Washer

Overloading your washer with clothes made of different fabrics might seem like an easy way to get the job done but it’ll ruin your cotton shirts. Hence, avoid overloading your washer.

5) Read the Wash Care Label

Often, we tend to forget it! Always read the wash care label of your cotton shirts carefully. It’ll have all the necessary instructions to wash your cotton clothes.

6) Use a Mild Detergent

Cotton shirts are delicate. Thus, while washing them, use a mild detergent as opposed to your regular one. It’ll do the job effectively and will also protect the fibres of the fabric.

Keep these tips handy to increase the life of your cotton shirts.

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