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How to Wash Your Clothes the Right Way to Increase Their Lifespan

For proper care and maintenance of clothing, you must know the correct technique to wash them. Preserve the colour and shape of your favourite clothes for longer using the step-by-step guide given here.


How to Wash Your Clothes to Increase Their Lifespan | Cleanipedia

Some clothes fit you just right. Their colour and pattern make you look your best. Now, if you want these garments to last longer and save them from discolouration, you should know the best way to wash your clothes. 

Sometimes, the trick is not to wash them too much. Vigorous scrubbing and friction during the wash cycle can weaken the fabric of your clothes, ruin their shape and also cause discolouration. 

Follow the steps given below for best results. 

Step 1: Sort Your Laundry 

Always wash your light and dark-coloured clothes separately. Mixing the two can cause colour bleeding. The best way to avoid this is to make two separate laundry bags for your light and dark-coloured clothing.   

Step 2: Turn Clothes Inside-Out 

Prevent discolouration by turning your clothes inside-out before tossing them in your washing machine. Doing this will make the colour on your garment last and also help avoid colour bleeding. 


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Step 3: Condition the Clothes 

Add ½ a cup of fabric softener in your washing machine along with laundry detergent. Run the machine on a gentle cycle. If you are looking for a good fabric softener, you can try using Comfort. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using them. Alternatively, you can use ½ cup of vinegar too.  

Step 4: Dry 

Try to avoid the dryer whenever possible. The heat can damage your clothing and cause discolouration. It is best to dry your clothes in the sun. It acts as a natural disinfectant. However, do not expose your garments to direct sunlight. Dry them in a shaded place with ample natural light.   

Stay stylish! 

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