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Clothing Care

How to Keep Baby Clothes Soft Even After Frequent Washing

Do your baby's clothes tend to lose their softness after a few washes? Here are some ways to maintain its softness and shine.

A baby’s skin is too delicate and hence we must be very careful about what we use to wash their clothes. We make sure to only buy soft fabrics, but after a few washes, they tend to lose their softness. But don’t worry this step-by-step guide on how to wash and care for baby clothes will keep the clothes as soft as possible.

Step 1:

Separate baby clothes: Always separate baby clothes from other laundry at home. Do not wash them with other clothes. Washing baby clothes by hand are the best way to keep them soft.

Step 2:

Use mild detergent: Choosing the mildest detergent available to wash baby clothes is very important. Avoid using any harsh alkaline-heavy detergents, softeners, stain removers, dyes or perfumes. Soaps that are mild, fragrance-free, and baby-specific are good enough to keep the garment clean.

Step 3:

Fighting Stains: Wipe away the stains before you treat the fabric. Wipe off any clumpy stains before you wash, so that they don’t get into the fibres permanently. Avoid twisting or rubbing too hard, as it may deform the garment. Gentle motions like swishing will do the work, but make sure to wash thoroughly so that no soap is left. Wash your baby’s clothes in warm water in smaller loads.

Step 4:

Drying the clothes: Sunlight is your best friend when it comes to drying baby clothes. After washing, hang the clothes to dry under the sun. The Sun’s UV rays can help kill bacteria on baby clothes and naturally help bleach stains!

Just follow this step by step guide to maintain your baby clothes and they will remain shinier and softer than ever!

Top Tip

Choose a mild, fragrance free detergent to wash your baby's clothes.