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How to Preserve the Shine of Kanjeevaram Sarees | Maintenance Tips
Clothing Care

How to Preserve the Shine of Kanjeevaram Sarees | Maintenance Tips

Imagine there is a wedding in the family. You have decided to show off your beautiful Kanjeevaram.

Excited, you pull it out from a suitcase, but your Kanjeevaram has turned into a lifeless piece of clothing. However, this tragic outcome can be avoided if you follow some simple tricks.

1) Tip 1

If you are washing it by hand, then do not twist it, rather wrap it in a towel, gently roll it, and press the towel to remove excess water. Put it on a hanger and let it dry in direct sunlight.

2) Tip 2

Make a dilute solution of distilled white vinegar and lukewarm water. Soak the saree in the solution and wait for 3-5 minutes. Remove the saree and run it under cold water till the smell of vinegar is completely out.

3) Tip 3

Change the folds every 3 months to avoid permanent creasing and air them in shade every 2-3 months to increase their lifespan.

Follow these steps and we promise your Kanjeevaram will remain gorgeous forever!!

Top Tip

Silk sarees are very high maintenance, but if they’re well taken care of, they can last for decades without losing their sheen. Apart from opening and refolding them every three to six months, they should never be stored with sarees of other materials. Store them separately.