Clothing Care

How to Keep Your Baby’s Clothes Always Clean

Follow these tricks to keep your baby’s clothes clean and fresh always.

Babies are like cute little ninjas, they are always up to something with their hands and legs especially when food is around. One kick, one punch, one dribble and one drool is enough to spoil their clothes, but if you follow some tricks, your baby’s clothes can stay clean, always.

  1. Have as many as 15, so even when the dirty ones are being washed and dried, you have extra bibs to protect the baby’s clothing.

  2. Also, it’s a good idea to apply powder before you change your baby’s clothes.

With these little tricks your baby’s clothes will stay clean and fresh always

Top Tip

In case of food spill, try to gently scrape excess food off your baby’s clothes in an upward motion. You may find using a spoon works best for this.