What a Simple Disprin Can Do to Your Clothes
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What a Simple Disprin Can Do to Your Clothes

Follow these simple steps using Disprin to bring whiteness back to your clothes. It is also a great method to remove stains from white clothes.

Disprin relieves headaches. But little did you know that it can solve another type of headache for you. We are talking about the headache of whitening your greying white clothes and removing stains from them. Disprin contains aspirin which in turn contains Acetylsalicylic acid which can help remove stains from white clothes. You can also use it to bring whiteness back to your clothes which is far safer than bleach as it does not damage the fabrics. All you have to do is follow these simple steps

Step 1:

Dissolve 5 Disprin tablets in 10 Litres of hot water

Step 2:

Soak white clothes in the solution and leave overnight

Step 3:

Transfer soaked clothes to the washing machine along with a few more Disprins

Step 4:

After the washing is complete you can see the whiteness increase dramatically

For removing stains including sweat stains, you can make a paste of a few Disprin tablets in water and apply the paste on the stained portions and leave it for a few minutes before rinsing. You can then follow steps 1 to 4 as above

Now, don't you think that Disprin is like killing two birds with one stone – normal headache and the headache of removing stains and whitening clothes?

Top Tip

It’s good idea to crush the Disprin pills first before you add them to the water. Avoid using several different products at the same time because it can weaken the fabric and cause irreversible damage.