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What to wear on your first day at work

It's important to make a good impression when starting a new job – read on for advice on what to wear, and how to keep your new work clothes in good condition.

Key Steps:

  • Choose your outfit in advance.
  • Dress conservatively, but in something you feel comfortable.
  • Wash with Rin for bright like new clothes.

Choosing the right outfit for your first day at work can provide a much-need confidence boost. Not only will dressing well help you make a good impression with new colleagues, but also, it can make you feel more self-assured during a daunting time.

Once you have learned the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of the workplace dress code, you’re bound to feel much more comfortable – but until then, here are a few helpful tips on how to dress for work when you’re starting a new role.

Outfits to Wear to Work: Tips for Your First Day

Think back to the interview. Can you remember what people were wearing when you visited for an interview? If employees were wearing particularly smart clothes, this is a good indication that it is the expected style of dress, and is something you should mirror.

Consider the field. If it is a corporate or customer-facing company, the appropriate clothing is likely to be neat, elegant, and modest. If it is a creative workplace, it is possible that a casual or relaxed style of dressing is more suited to the environment.

Don’t go overboard. If you’re unsure about what to wear on your first day of work, it is a good idea to dress conservatively – however, don’t try too hard or wear something you feel uncomfortable in, as this might distract you and even make you look out of place.


How to Keep Work Clothes in Good Condition 

Once you have established what kind of clothes to wear to work, it’s important to keep them in the best condition possible – here are the top 3 ways to maintain smart office wear:

  1. Wash inside out

Washing items inside out will help to prevent clothes from being damaged. It’s also a good idea for new clothes, as it will reduce the risk of colour run in the machine.

  1. Use detergent to clean and brighten

Using a high performance laundry detergent can make a massive difference to how your clothes look after washing. A product like Rin Detergent Powder is designed to remove stains, leave colours bright like new, and keep whites super bright.

  1. Avoid excess drying

While a tumble dryer is convenient, excess heat can make colours fade. If you can, air-dry your clothes for a much fresher and gentler finish. And don’t forget to hang them as soon as possible to help keep them in good shape!

For lots more advice on how to wash clothes, check out some of our other laundry articles.

Top Tip

Spotted a stain at the last minute? Use Rin Bar – it’ll help shift stubborn stains without the need for washing in the machine!

Don't Forget

Check the care labels of your clothes to find out how to clean them – and remember to read the dosing advice on the detergent label, too!