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Clothing care

Woollen clothes can be magnets for dust and dirt! Check out how you can easily clean your winter apparels

Many a time, we raise a question about how to effectively clean the woollens. They tend to attract more dust and dirt compared to other fabrics.

Cleaning winter clothing is a hectic task and everybody wants to simplify this chore as much as possible. Consider this to be your ultimate guide for keeping your winter clothes looking perfect for many winters to come.

  • Gentle hand wash
    Woollen garments can all be hand-washed in cool water using very (very) less detergent. Make sure to dry with a clean towel. Flat dry them so that the garment doesn't lose its shape.
  • Fleece
    Wash fleece jackets with regular detergent, but skip the fabric softener. It can ruin the quality of the fabric.
  • Wear a base
    Wear a base layer under sweaters, a t-shirt can help. It not only keeps you warm, but it also keeps your sweater clean so you don’t need to launder it frequently.
  • Steam it
    Hang your sweaters in your bathroom while you take a hot shower. The steam from the shower will steam the jacket, killing bacteria and removing odour, if any.
  • Use a mesh bag
    Keep your woollens in a mesh bag when you put it for a washing cycle. It will help to hold the threads and also prevent it from wearing out due to friction.

Top Tip

Every fabric comes with a set of instructions. Always keep it close.