Did the morning milk go bad? Worry not! Turn it into a rich source of protein for your family!

We usually toss out milk that’s gone sour. But, guess what!? It can be turned into a rich protein source.


Steps to turn the milk into paneer

There’s no point cribbing over spoilt milk, follow these steps to turn the milk into paneer.

If curdling doesn’t begin within a few seconds, add some more lemon juice.

Step 1:

Boil the milk. If you are using very cold milk, then start boiling it on low flame and then increase the flame a little, to reach medium heat. If you boil refrigerated milk at high flame, the paneer may smell strange.

Step 2:

Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and turn off the flame as soon as the milk starts curdling.

Step 3:

Set a colander on top of a container and place a thin muslin cloth over it. Since we used lemon juice to curdle the milk, the paneer will need to be rinsed under water to remove the aroma of lemon.

Step 4:

Drain off the water completely from the paneer, and squeeze off any excess water left.

Step 5:

Keep the cloth in a plate that has holes in it. Place a heavy utensil on the paneer and let it sit for an hour.

Step 6:

Cut the paneer into cubes and place it in the refrigerator.

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