Do you have naughty children who test your patience while cleaning? Stop worrying and look no further! Just follow the simple tips below to make cleaning a fun activity for kids. Our mantra is to make children participate in interesting ways so as to keep them engaged with the task while also developing a constructive habit.

The 5 T’s listed below represent a few interesting cleaning methods for children that we thought of.

1) Tell it with comics and audio-visual cues – children love comics, so, well before cleaning day, collect comics and videos on the benefits of cleaning and make children read and watch them. Another method to make the kids participate is to make fun quizzes out of them.

2) Teach them the value of discussion – call for a discussion on ways to,  how to clean a –particular area. Make your family members, including children participate in the discussion.

3) Teach them responsibility – listen to their ideas and make decisions to suit their suggestions if possible, but also make them responsible for their ideas once decided.

4) Tell them there is a choice – make them choose the responsibility they want to take up. Gently motivate them to accept the responsibility.

5) Talk to them in their language – allow children to use electronic devices. You can ask children to create a WhatsApp Group and use it to plan and monitor the progress and judge the success or failure as the case may be.

So as you can see, children love to have fun with learning and you can put that to good use.