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How To Keep Your House Clean – Top 10 List

These top 10 household cleaning tricks are here to help you get your home neat and clean. Find out how to clean your house.


How to Keep your House Clean | Cleanipedia

Key Steps:

  1. Prevent clutter from building up: have an annual clear out.
  2. Keep up a good level of hygiene in your home: use an antibacterial product to wipe surfaces regularly.
  3. Get the whole household involved: Divide up the cleaning jobs between your family.

Some cleaning methods quickly mean the difference between a cluttered, grubby looking home, and one you’re proud to show off to friends and family. These top 10 household cleaning tricks are here to help you get your home looking neat and clean in no time.

Cleaning a little bit every day makes it easy to keep your home clean and hygienic. Having the right cleaning products (like ones by Cif , Vim, and Domex) on hand means that you don’t have to waste time finding products or using other, less effective methods to clean.

How to Clean House in 10 Steps

  1. Always wash dishes right away — The first thing people notice when they see a kitchen is a pile of dishes in the sink. Dishwashing may not be fun, but don’t let the dirty dishes stack up. You’ll feel much more at ease if your sink and counters are free of dishes — and your kitchen will look a hundred times better.
  2. Keep your surfaces tidy — This means all tables, countertops, desks, nightstands, and dressers. It’s remarkable how much a difference that clean, uncluttered surfaces can make. Papers and books on tables should be stacked up into only one or two piles. Instead of leaving them on the kitchen counters, put away all utensils, food products, and dishes.
  3. Use vertical storage — This is the same approach to keeping your items in piles instead of spread out over the floor — and it’s a great way to create more space in your home. Look into bookcases, stackable shelves, and tall vertical cabinets to store your belongings.
  4. Have a place for everything — Homes often get cluttered with those items which you don’t know really know where to put. Assign them a place to go. If your child brings home an art project from school, put it in a drawer with the other art projects. This will make it much easier to tidy your house when guests are coming.
  5. Put everything back in its rightful place straight away — And once you have a specific place for something… put it back there when you’re done. If you help yourself to a snack, put the rest of the food back in the cabinet. Don’t let things lie out, or it’ll just increase the clutter.
  6. Make sure your family puts everything away, too — Of course, it won’t help if you’re the only one in your household who makes an effort. Teaching your kids ‘how to clean house’ will help them a great deal in the future. If they learn to put away their own toys and clothes, this will make the home a much easier, tidier place to live.
  7. De-clutter and purge what you don’t need — Too often homes pile up with unnecessary objects. Do you really need to keep those 2-year-old magazines? Be ruthless and purge whatever items you don’t need by recycling or by giving them to a friend or charity. Learning to purge is an essential part of how to clean the house.
  8. Clean a little bit every day — Rather than let all the cleaning tasks build up, tidy up as you go along. Every time you’re in your children’s bedroom, put away their toys or make sure they do it. Gather up dirty laundry when you see it and put it in the hamper.
  9. Break down house-cleaning into 20-minute tasks — Make a list of 20-minute cleaning tasks throughout your household, like washing the bathroom mirrors, sweeping the kitchen floor, dusting the furniture. Every day, do at least one of these tasks. Get your family involved, too, so they can help you with these tasks regularly.
  10. Remember your weekly clean — Identify tasks which need to be done on a weekly basis, such as vacuuming the house, cleaning the sinks and toilets, washing the laundry. Set aside a specific time each week for you and your family to work on these tasks.

These 10 tips offer the basics on how to keep your house clean. Don’t despair at the clutter. Instead, by following these tips, you can maintain a tidy home to make you and your family proud.


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