How to stay cool at night

Learn how to keep house cool whilst you sleep. Discover how to cool down a room fast and how to keep room cool in summer naturally for a better night’s sleep.

All anyone wants at night is a good, undisturbed rest, but when the temperatures soar it can be tricky keeping cool, especially when you haven’t got air conditioning. Knowing how to keep house cool at night will make you much more comfortable and give you the best chance of sleeping until morning. We’re going to show you how to make a room cooler and how to keep room cool in summer naturally so that you can enjoy a peaceful night. Let’s check out a few ways you can stay comfortable when the sun goes down.

How to keep house cool in summer using blinds

First things first, you need to pay attention to the temperature in your home during the day. How you tackle the sun pouring in during waking hours will have a big impact on how cool your house will feel come the evening. An easy option is to keep the blinds down during the day, so the room can’t overheat. This simple tip can help keep your room at a much cooler temperature throughout the day and night, so that you can rest more easily.

How to cool down a room fast with a homemade air conditioner

Air conditioning units may well provide the best solution to the problem of knowing how to cool room in summer months, but when you haven’t got one you can improvise. Learning how to cool down a room fast with your very own homemade air conditioner will definitely help you get to sleep quicker in the heat, and it’ll help keep the room cooler for longer too. To make one just place a container full of ice in front of your fan or fans, and as it melts the ice will form a cool mist.

How to make a room cooler by creating a breeze

If you’d like to know how to keep room cool in summer naturally one of the best ways is to create a cross breeze. All this requires is an open window and a fan. Simply place a fan directly opposite your window and that’ll increase the airflow. Add multiple fans and that flow will rise dramatically.

Getting your room cool during the day and then knowing how to cool a room down fast in the evening are both really going to help you get the best night’s sleep when it gets hot. When the temperatures soar in summer we all find that our sleep is easily disturbed, so now that you’ve learned how to make a room cooler quickly you can share your newfound knowledge with all your friends and family!

Key Steps

  • Be proactive and get your room cool before you head for bed by keeping blinds down
  • Try making your own homemade air conditioner with ice and fans
  • Promote air circulation with the use of fans and open windows
  • Once you’ve found a method that works, stick with it

We recommend

Sleeping in summer time doesn’t have to be a struggle when you know how to cool down a room fast. Make sure you block the sun during the day with blinds, create plenty of air, and make the most of ice and fans to get a chilled night.