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Is Your Child Spending More Time Indoors? Learn How to Keep Them Busy and Motivated

Since your kids are unable to go out to school or play this flu season, they may feel low or bored, and this may affect their health. Hence, it is important to make staying at home fun for them with a few small changes in their routine.


How to Keep your Child Busy at Home | Cleanipedia

Involve your kids in a variety of indoor activities and chores to keep them occupied. Don’t let the fear of infections spoil the joy that comes with spending quality time with them. Use this time to discover your kids’ hidden talents.

Here are a few simple yet effective ideas to keep your children busy at home.

1) Do Art and Craft

Stock up on colouring books, water colours, colouring pencils, craft paper, stickers and putty. Make things fun for your children by letting them use old, clean toothbrushes to paint, or even paint with their fingers!

2) Play Board Games

This is a good time for the family to come together and play board games. Teach your children how to play chess or monopoly and then see the joy on their faces when they beat you at it.


Domex Protects Against Viruses

3) Bake a Cake

If your child is interested in baking, now is a good time to let their skills shine. Begin with simple recipes and assist them with measuring and mixing. Monitor them if they have to use kitchen utensils or the oven. Remember to teach them to wash their hands thoroughly before and after baking. Now, enjoy the sweet delights with the entire family.

4) Sing and Dance

What better way to keep your children engaged than to sing and dance with them! Invest in a karaoke set to make it more entertaining for everyone. You can even have a dance-off or play a round of good old antakshari. The giggles and music are sure to set their spirits soaring.

5) Read a Book

Encourage your children to read more during this time. Reading will keep them busy and calm and help develop their minds and imagination. You could also read poems and short stories to them in the evenings or before they sleep.

6) Do Household Chores

Let your children feel involved at home by letting them help you in household chores. Ask them to help you fold clothes or place them in the wardrobe shelves. They could also help you set the dinner table or assist in dusting. Make sure your children don’t do difficult tasks or are left unsupervised. Make cleaning a fun and essential activity in their lives by setting an example.

Some surfaces at home are touched by all family members frequently throughout the day. Since your children will be home all day, they are bound to touch these ‘high touch surfaces’, like switches, door handles, tables, taps, cabinet handles, toilet seats, flush handles, toys and play equipment, etc. You can clean all these surfaces with a regular household detergent and water. After cleaning, you can disinfect them for better hygiene. Use a suitable disinfectant, like a bleach-based (sodium hypochlorite) product such as Domex Floor Cleaner, which kills germs. Always test on a small hidden area and rinse to check compatibility first. Also, ensure they wash their hands with soap or use an alcohol-based sanitiser such as those available from Lifebuoy, before and after each session. 

With these simple tips, your life at home with your little ones around will be even more rewarding. 

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