Super Easy Tips to Keep Your Kids’ Uniforms Shining Bright

Here are some quick tips to keep your kids’ school uniforms shining and bright, allowing them to look smart and sharp every day!


Super Easy Tips to Keep Your Kids’ Uniforms Shining Bright

As a mother of school-going kids, there are a lot of things that you need to worry about. Completion of homework, projects, exams, packing lunch boxes... the list is endless. But hands down the most stressful thing is washing your children’s school uniforms.

Since kids wear their uniforms for the most part of the day, these clothes are most susceptible to getting stained. Nonetheless, maintaining superior hygiene and cleanliness in their uniforms is of utmost importance. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.

Try these simple and easy-to-implement tips.

1) Use Vinegar

Load the uniforms into your washing machine. Pour ½ cup of vinegar along with your regular washing detergent into the washing machine. This will help remove the stains and odour. Vinegar helps to keep the colour of the school uniforms intact and makes them softer to wear.

2) Use a Natural Drying Technique

Once the wash cycle is completed, turn the school uniforms inside out and dry them in natural sunlight for half an hour. Remember not to keep the clothes in the sun for a longer duration.

3) Keep Them Crisp

Once the uniforms are dry, iron them.

4) Wash Sports Uniforms Separately

The fabric of sports uniforms is different from that of regular uniforms and hence, should be treated separately. Put the sports uniforms in mesh bags and wash them in your washing machine. This will help keep the threads of the uniforms intact.

Washing your kids’ school uniforms is not a difficult task and these tips will keep them soft and comfortable for your children as well.

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