Protect Your Kids by Keeping Your Home Mosquito-Free!

Mosquitoes can be dangerous and should not be allowed to buzz around your home, especially if you have kids around. But don’t worry! Here are five plants that naturally act as mosquito repellents!


Protect Your Kids by Keeping Your Home Mosquito-Free!

Mosquitoes are the most common uninvited guests in houses across India. They are responsible for various diseases. Taking this into consideration, it is very important to do everything in your power to keep them out of your homes. You can get rid of mosquitoes by keeping a few plants that act as mosquito-repellents around.

Take a stroll to the nearest supermarket, and you’ll find the shelves brimming with plants that are also mosquito repellents. Now, you can also get newer variants free of DEET (chemical name, N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) – the active ingredient that is present in many repellent products, widely used to repel mosquitoes – but adopting a natural method is highly recommended as its environmental friendly.

Besides, chemical repellents are known to give off a strong odour which can be a big turn-off for many people. Plants, on the other hand, beautify your home and create a cheerful setting.

Here are some of the most-effective mosquito-repelling plants.

Citronella Grass


A garden lover’s favourite, this plant is the most commonly used mosquito repellent. It gives off a fresh, lemony scent. Also, rubbing the crushed leaves of this plant on your skin can repel mosquitoes to a great extent.


Most essential oils are produced by using lavender. It’s tough and drought-resistant, once established. Besides that, this plant is a strong mosquito repellent. It needs ample sunlight and good drainage. Apart from growing these plants in your garden, put cups filled with lavender leaves in places where you are likely to find mosquitoes, and watch them disappear.

Scented Geranium


Its lemon scent is the most preferred scent to keep the mosquitoes away. It grows well in warmer areas and has a strong fragrance. It’s ideal to keep this plant near the windows.



Beautify your house with this ornamental plant. It emits a fragrance that deters mosquitoes from breeding and is really easy to grow.

From the above-mentioned options, grow a plant of your choice and easily keep mosquitoes at bay. A house free of mosquitoes is a healthy house!

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