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Blue ink stains on your white bedroom walls?
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Blue ink stains on your white bedroom walls?

That oops moment when you jerk your ink pen and end up staining the wall has happened with most of us at least once. The challenge lies in figuring out how to get the wall back to its original state without having to repaint it. 

To get rid of the ink stains from your wall, all you need are a few household items. Getting ink off the wall may take some effort but we have a few hacks to make it easier for you.

  • Pour some vinegar in a bowl. Soak a piece of cotton cloth and rub it gently over the stain. Make sure you don’t go hard and end up ruining the paint.
  • Spray some alcohol-based products like nail paint remover or hairspray to loosen the stain. Gently rub it with a microfibre cloth.
  • Apply white toothpaste to the area. Leave it there for 10 minutes and then wipe it off with a clean white cloth. Repeat the process, if required.
  • Make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply it over the stain and let it sit for 15 minutes. Gently rub it with a cloth.

For best results, you should always tackle an ink stain as quickly as possible. 

Top Tip

Use a white cloth to rub off the stain in order to avoid any dye in the cloth from ending up on the wall.