How to clean pet hair from your floor

If you have a pet, means you have pet hair all over your house. It is as simple as it is. Check out this simple way to clean up their hair mess.


How to clean pet hair from your floor

How to clean pet hair from your floor

Along with the cuddles and warmth our pets show us, there is an equal and higher chance of having pet hair in our household. Follow these steps to get rid of pet hair from your home.

Keep a vacuum cleaner handy to clean pet hair from all types of floor

For floors

While dealing with tile, wood or linoleum floors

Step 1:

Sweep the floor with a rubber broom for the first pass, don’t miss out on any corner.

Step 2:

Wrap a micro-fibre cloth to a Swiffer and make a final sweep to clean the floor. It will catch all the leftover tiny hair and trap it in the cloth. There’s electrostatic charge at play.

For carpets

Step 1:

Sprinkle some baking soda prior to vacuuming; it loosens the hair from the carpet fibres

Step 2:

Use a vacuum and make 3 passes over the carpet to cover all the areas.

Step 3:

There will be a lot of pet hair around the corners. So, wet a rubber glove and drag it across the edges of the carpet using your finger to get rid of the tiny hair.

Step 4:

Finally, go over the carpet in alternate vacuum directions for one last clean.

Enjoy a pet hair-free home with these effortless tips!

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