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How To Clean Wooden Floors

Wooden floors look their best with regular care. Here is a step-by-step guide to cleaning wooden floors to make sure yours have a magnificent shine.


How to Clean Wooden Floors | Cleanipedia

Wood is making a huge comeback as a home furnishing material. We’re seeing interior design enthusiasts ditching the metal in favour of a more soothing wooden effect. The question that arises more often than not is how do you clean wooden floors? If this is something that you’ve been asking yourself, then you are at the right place! Check out these simple tips on how you can clean different types of wooden floorings!

Cleaning wooden floors effectively is often a matter of strategy – it’s so easy to undo all your hard work by walking all over it. Start at the point furthest from the door, and systematically clean until you finish standing in the doorway.

How do you know that the surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom have been disinfected?

Cleaning Wooden Floors that are Finished

Most modern hardwood floors are finished, which means they’re coated in a heavy duty, hard wearing sealant which protects the wood beneath it. Urethane, polyurethane and polyacrylic are common sealants because they’re both stain resistant and waterproof.

1) You can easily clean your wooden floors using water mixed with a sud-producing soap, such as dishwashing liquid or a mild laundry detergent.

2) Be careful about using too much water. Your flooring might have unfinished cracks between the floorboards that aren’t immune to the effects of water.

3) When using soap and water, ensure you wring out your mop so that’s it’s only just damp enough to clean the surface properly.     


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How to Clean Wood Floors that are Unfinished

A dead giveaway that you’ve got unfinished or lightly finished hardwood floors is that the surface of the floor is matte, rather than glossy. Very few wooden floors today are unfinished, but if you live in an older style house that hasn’t been refurbished, then you may still be walking on unfinished floors, making it essential for you to know how to clean wood floor boards without water.

1) Treating this type of wooden floor with water is not advisable as the liquid can easily soak into the wood, weakening the fibres, causing watermarks to appear, and even encouraging the growth of mould and mildew.

2) Any dirt or scratches should be treated with a dedicated floor wax.

3) Use a ball of steel wool to very gently rub a small amount of floor wax into the stained areas until the marks are no longer noticeable.

4) Do not use too much wax as it can cause discolouration.

Key steps:

  • Remember: do not saturate your wooden floors with water. Water should be used sparingly with finished wood floors and completed avoided when cleaning unfinished wooden floors.
  • Regularly: vacuum wooden floors using the soft brush attachment. Regular maintenance will keep your floors looking great on a day-to-day basis, so you only have to give them a thorough wash about twice a year.

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