Scratches on Your Wooden Furniture Worrying You? Try These Hacks!

Here are some clever and simple hacks to remove those unwanted scratches from your wooden floor and furniture.


Scratches on Your Wooden Furniture Worrying You? Try These Hacks!

Having wooden flooring or furniture with a rustic finish is a charming home decor idea. However, maintaining that flawless wooden finish might be a task. Worry not! We’ve got some easy solutions. Here are simple and effective DIY hacks to keep your wooden surfaces free of scratches.

As soon as you spot a scratch in your wooden flooring or furniture, treat it immediately. Taking action when a scratch is small can prevent it from becoming a bigger problem.

Use Wax Crayon

  • Take a crayon that matches the shade of the wooden flooring or furniture and thoroughly rub it over the scratch mark till the scratch disappears.
  • Once you have completely covered the scratch, blow-dry for five minutes, allowing the crayon to harden over the furniture. Your wooden flooring or furniture will look as flawless as new!

Use Vinegar and Olive Oil

  • Make your own DIY solution by mixing ½ cup of vinegar with ½ cup of olive oil and shake it well.
  • Rub this over the scratched surface with a cotton cloth. Rub it for about 15 minutes and you’ll gradually see the original colour restored.

Use Nuts

  • Did you know that a few walnuts can help eliminate scratches? They can! Whenever you notice small scratches on your wooden flooring or furniture, simply rub a few shelled walnuts over those scratches thoroughly. The oil in the walnuts helps to remove small scratches.

So the next time you see scratches on your wooden flooring or furniture, use these hacks to restore their beauty and make them look great again.

It’s easy and effortless. Try it for yourself!

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