Wooden flooring and furniture add a posh look to your house. In order to get rid of a few scratches, we end up hiding them with carpet or masking them with expensive chemicals and paints. Keep these simple hacks handy which will help you keep your wooden surfaces scratch-free.

  • Wax crayon
    Use a crayon of the same shade as the wood and rub it over the scratch till it disappears. Blow dry it for a couple of minutes to let it settle.
  • Vinegar + olive oil
    Prepare a mixture of ½ a cup of vinegar and olive oil each. Rub the solution over the scratched surface with a cotton cloth for about 10 to 15 minutes till the original colour is restored.
  • Nuts
    Rubbing walnuts in the direction of a small scratch is very effective.

Make your wooden floor look great again.