Keep these hacks handy to get rid of cobwebs using household supplies.

  • Vacuum

    Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the corners with the right nozzle to suck the cobwebs and clean the walls.

  • Broom

    Use a long-handled broom to tackle cobwebs in corners where a vacuum cleaner can’t reach. You can also use a soft feather duster.

  • Tape & roller

    Take a paint roller and wrap the sponge part with tape (the sticky part should be facing out). Just roll it over the wall and all the cobwebs will stick on it. Change the tape once it is too dusty.

  • Bleach

    Dilute a cup of bleach in a litre of water and pour it in a spray bottle. Spray it over the webs. This technique is best to get rid of spider eggs and to kill any spiders still living in the webs.

Get rid of a cobweb as soon as you spot one.