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DIY Warm Water & Vinegar Household Cleaning Hacks
Floor & Surface Cleaning

DIY Warm Water & Vinegar Household Cleaning Hacks

Check out these surprising uses for vinegar and warm water. DIY ways to keeping your house clean and shiny!

All households need to be maintained. You are not alone when it comes to household problems like- stained wooden or tiled floors, dirty glass windows, bathroom drains, and kitchen sinks getting clogged, cooking vessels and cutlery stains. The list is endless, and if your home has children then your woes double. How do you handle these situations? Pause before you reach for the app to buy expensive cleaning products, as we give you some easy and homely alternatives. We are sure you have water and vinegar at home. This is all you need to end your cleaning woes. The acid in vinegar is an effective cleaning agent. Dilute it with warm water and this becomes your saviour.

  • You know what? Besides cleaning, it even prevents frosting.
  • The clogs in your drains or kitchen sink will be history when you pour diluted vinegar in them.
  • You can even clean your washing machine and microwave oven with it.

We guarantee you; the stains on these are no match for your diluted vinegar.

So bring on the stains; your diluted vinegar can clean almost anything around the home.

Top Tip

Vinegar should not be combined with bleach or soap. While vinegar can help clean surfaces and fixtures in many situations, adding an acid like vinegar to bleach will result in chlorine gas, which is toxic. Similarly, soap is alkaline and vinegar is acidic. In combination, vinegar and soap only make a curdled mess, which is not useful for any cleaning purpose.