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Floor & Surface Cleaning

Thinking of repainting your home walls but don’t have the money for it? Relax! Check out these simple tricks that can make your walls look shiny and new in a couple of hours!

Painting your house is quite expensive, tiring and messy. However, it is important to keep the walls clean and looking fresh.

We have a few simple, yet effective tricks up our sleeves to clean the mess off your walls.

  • Dust the walls. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean designs or corners. Be gentle though.
  • Oil based wall paints can be easily cleaned. Create a mixture of one bucket of warm water and half a cup of Vim dishwash soap. Using a sponge, gently clean the walls with the solution.
  • Identify stains and marks on your walls. If there are dirt marks, clean the wall with a solution of one cup of vinegar in a bucket of water and scrub it with a sponge.
  • For stubborn stains caused due to furniture, make a paste of 3 parts of bicarb soda and one part of water. Apply the paste on the stains and wipe with a dry cloth or sponge.

You don’t need to paint your house every year unless it is severely damaged. Remember to be gentle with the scrubbing.