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10 Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

Looking for Feng Shui tips for home decoration? Try these 10 ideas to encourage positive energy with colour, scent, and furniture arrangement.


10 Feng Shui Tips For a Happy & Peaceful Home | Cleanipedia

Once you understand the principles of Feng Shui, you can apply it to your own home. This form of spatial organisation is all about stimulating the flow of positive energy. With the following 10 Feng Shui tips, you’ll be able to bring harmony to your home.

Add scents, water features, plants, crystals and ancient symbols to your home, and use appropriate Feng Shui colours for DIY home decoration.

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1) Use Feng Shui colours for home decoration

The direction your room faces, and therefore the element it relates to, determines how you should use Feng Shui colours for home decoration. The main rules are:

  • East-facing rooms: wood: green and brown
  • West-facing rooms: metal: grey and white
  • North-facing rooms: water: blue and black
  • South-facing rooms: fire: red, yellow, orange, and pink


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2) Give focal furniture a commanding position

The position of your furniture can make a big difference to the flow of energy around a room. Let’s look at this in relation to Feng Shui tips for bedroom furniture arrangement: as the bed is the most important piece, it should be located in a commanding position facing the door but sitting diagonally across from it.

3) Use mirrors to overcome small spaces

Mirrors are a common feature of Feng Shui tips for home organisation as they overcome small spaces. Following the above Feng Shui tips for bedroom arrangement, use a mirror to let you see the door from your bed if the room is too small to position furniture as advised.

4) Prioritise your front door

Energy enters your home through the entry door, and could be limited if you use side or back entrances more often than the front door. Oil the hinges and give your front door a fresh coat of paint so that it creates the right image for every guest and resident using it.

5) Heal yourself with crystals

You’ve probably already heard about the power of crystals, so they definitely have to be included in the list of Feng Shui tips. They bring the healing energy of the earth element to the space they inhabit, so introduce them in key areas of relaxation.

6) Invest in plants (a Feng Shui tip for the home and garden)

Plants help balance electronics in your home, bring the wood element into key spaces, and symbolise nature, growth and air purification. A good area to place them is in the gap between kitchen cabinets and the ceiling as they can remove stagnant energy.

7) Embrace the power of scent

Scent is a powerful sense that can drastically affect our mood. Use diffusers to fill your home with healing aromas, and introduce relaxing scents into your laundry with long-lasting fabric conditioners such as Comfort.

8) Get a water feature

Water represents wealth, so it’s a great idea to have a water feature like a fountain in your home. Place it near the entry door (inside or outside) with the flow moving towards the middle of your home.

9) Add final touches with symbolic motifs

The laughing Buddha, tortoise, and dragon are all ancient Feng Shui symbols that represent good energy. Add those using ornaments or on soft furnishings to finish off your home’s new look.

10) Get rid of clutter

Energy flows better through clear spaces, so de-cluttering your home will help circulate all that positive energy. Having a good sort out of your possessions is not only a good Feng Shui tip, it’s also a therapeutic exercise that can stop you from hoarding unwanted items.

Key Steps

  • Get rid of clutter so positive energy can flow more easily
  • Position furniture in relation to doorways
  • Keep a water feature near the front door
  • Add plants, crystals, and scents to your home to encourage positive energy

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